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Create professional embroidery designs effortlessly. Brother’s superior software and easy-to-use machines give you the confidence to cultivate your business as your customer base grows.

Get the Flexibility for Your Embroidery Business LOL赛事投注平台,LOL赛事去哪儿投注,lol赛事下注平台

Handling your own business can be a challenge. But with Brother embroidery machines, you can maximise your business opportunities however you choose:

  • Work At Your Own PaceLOL赛事投注平台,LOL赛事去哪儿投注,lol赛事下注平台

    Work part-time, full-time, mornings, evenings, weekends, or during your free time.

  • Bring Your Workplace Anywhere LOL赛事投注平台,LOL赛事去哪儿投注,lol赛事下注平台

    Work in the comfort of your home, at a commercial location, within a retail outlet, or even at special events.

  • Let Our Solutions Grow With YouLOL赛事投注平台,LOL赛事去哪儿投注,lol赛事下注平台

    Grow your business at the pace you wish with Brother embroidery machines tailor-fit to your evolving needs.

  • Partner with Various IndustriesLOL赛事投注平台,LOL赛事去哪儿投注,lol赛事下注平台

    Create eye-catching embroidery products for school sports teams, interior design firms, wedding planners, and more.

PE-Design 11 Solution LOL赛事投注平台,LOL赛事去哪儿投注,lol赛事下注平台

Fancy creating customised embroidery designs? The PE Design 11’s features let you craft embroidery items fuss-free:

  • Easy-to-use user interface helps you quickly create embroidery designs
  • Work with a wider range of customers, choosing from our full range of embroidery stitches and patterns
  • Greater creative freedom with enhanced lettering features like outline sewing, monogramming, custom font creation, and text transformation
  • Advanced collaborative features and software seamlessly integrates with multiple Brother machines

Why Brother LOL赛事投注平台,LOL赛事去哪儿投注,lol赛事下注平台

Renowned for our advanced embroidering technology, Brother’s professional embroidery are packed with user-friendly features to help you streamline your design process and bring your business to the next level.


Service Businesses And SchoolsLOL赛事投注平台,LOL赛事去哪儿投注,lol赛事下注平台

Create customised embroidery items like badges and logos for restaurants, hair salons, hotels, and schools.

Print And Embroidery Service ShopsLOL赛事投注平台,LOL赛事去哪儿投注,lol赛事下注平台

Secure contract work opportunities easily at embroidery service shops.

Clubs And Civic OrganisationsLOL赛事投注平台,LOL赛事去哪儿投注,lol赛事下注平台

Work with big buyers of embroidered apparel and accessories from sports clubs, interest groups, religious organisations, and more

Special Event OrganisersLOL赛事投注平台,LOL赛事去哪儿投注,lol赛事下注平台

Produce customised event souvenirs distributed during fairs, concerts, showers, and festivals.

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